Just wanted to post some shots of the nagirei doujinshi from my twitter from the last week or so. Almost done… *w*

You can preorder your copy of Metamorphosis! a nagirei fanbook here! I’m giving out free pdf versions to all preorders~ The pdf should be ready by the end of september!

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Rei and Nagisa have just started dating when Rei is whisked off to a training camp by himself. He returns to find that his boyfriend is much more…tall…and beautiful?!

Preorders are $10 and I ship everywhere!

18+, 34 pg (2 color, 32 b/w), perfect bound with glossy cover

Shipping will start the first week of November. First 50 preorders get a free FUTURE FISH prism bookmark!

Preorders also get a free PDF version when they become available! (Around the end of September)

This is what I’ve been working on for the past few months~ It’s hella sparkly and gay and yooo bottom Rei is IMPORTANT.

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Just released the September preview/sketchbook PDF for my Patreon supporters! This one is extra long since it’s the first one so I just scanned all of my most recent sketchbook. It’s very NSFW and has a preview of my nagirei doujinshi. I usually never post sketches on tumblr, so this is your only way to see just how much porn I actually draw (it’s a lot).

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