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Just released the September preview/sketchbook PDF for my Patreon supporters! This one is extra long since it’s the first one so I just scanned all of my most recent sketchbook. It’s very NSFW and has a preview of my nagirei doujinshi. I usually never post sketches on tumblr, so this is your only way to see just how much porn I actually draw (it’s a lot).

patreon art sketchbook misslucid nsfw hella porn srsly it's embarrassing avialae impact theory


Well I’ve been doing Impact Theory and Avialae for several months now, and I feel like it’s time to step it up a notch! In October I’m going to be getting a desperately needed studio space and vamping up production on both Impact Theory and Avialae. But! Absorbing a studio is expensive and since I already put these webcomics out for free, I thought a Patreon would be a good way to maybe make me not starve in trying to afford this.

Please consider pledging even a little bit a month if you like my work! There are some neato reward levels like a monthly sketch/update pdf, advanced comic pdfs, and ooh a subscription to all my physical comics as they come out~


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