seraphica said: I am so sorry to hear about this! Minneapolis welcomes you back with love <3

thank u I am very glad to be back! 

catladyart said: Just WOW. We have a small con where I live (first time I’ll be attending) and this makes me want to be more cautious now…o.0

Honestly I’ve been to a lot of small cons and none of them have ever been like this. They are usually awesome. Don’t give up on cons because this one was hilariously awful!

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Ok! So, a few people have asked me what my experience at DashCon was like since it kind of blew up for all the internet to watch. This will be from my perspective as an artist in the artist alley. I can’t quite speak for regular con-goers since I was mostly confined to my table all weekend. I’ll try to keep this as non-sensational as possible since I don’t want to cause any further drama, and I’d really just like to put it behind me. 

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This is the secret DashCon promo I was talking about! animetrashlord and I collaborated on this wtnv screenprint! I did the Desert Bluffs part and Jack did the Night Vale part! AND IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. I’ll post better pictures of it when we get back~

We will be giving these out for free when you buy $25+ from our table this weekend! We will not sell it by itself and will only give it out as a promotional item. While supplies last!

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Yooo animetrashlord and I will be at DashCon this weekend! We are at table #26 in the Artist Alley and will be selling our gay wares. (The pics above are just my stuff. Jack will have other lovely homo items~)

I am a literal vampire and have purple/black hair so I’m pretty easy to recognize. We will also be cosplaying as shota sailor Rei and Nagisa at some point wahahaaha

And…we have a secret promo print we will be giving out with purchases $25 and over at this con. I will post it soon~~~

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